Ghent Revisited 2017

With such a strong history and connection with Belgium and especially Ghent, for many years the band talked about revisiting Belgium with the specific aim of revisiting the Ghent Festival. So, on July 14th 2017, The Fantoms, all discreetly disguised as mere commoners to avoid public disorder and chaos likely to be caused by the bands fan if they found out, travelled over to Belgium for a 4 day visit with the intention of re-living their earlier days and re-tracing their steps around Ghent and to look at the modern day Ghent Festival. In the 80’s the route there and back was fairly simple. It was jump into the bands very own long wheeled base Ford Transit van, drive to Dover, catch the ferry to Ostend and then drive on to Ghent.

In 2017 , the easiest and fastest route would be go to London and catch the Eurostar train to Brussels and then a simple connecting train to Ghent but to keep in the spirit of the adventure and to re-trace the good old days it was decided we must include the ferry as part of the experience although this would mean a slightly different route from Dover and a rather complex logistical route . Thankfully, this time they were travelling as tourists so no music gear to transport.

The outbound travel arrangements were to meet at Gary’s house at 6am and amazingly everyone was there bang on time.

On this trip the band was also accompanied by Robert Daggers as chaperone and guardian of the infirm & aged.

Outbound trip … 6am start, arrived at hotel 4.55pm

Hillingdon to Victoria Coach Station (taxi) Victoria Coach Station to Dover Port (coach)

Dover to Calais (ferry) Calais Port to Calais Frethun (taxi)

Calais Frethun to Lille Europe (train) Lille Europe to Lille Flandres (subway)

Lille Flandres to Kortrijk (train) Kortrijk to Ghent Station (train)

Ghent Station to Hotel Orian (taxi)

Return trip home …

Hotel to Ghent Station (taxi) Ghent Station to Brussels Midi Station (train)

Brussels Midi Station to St Pancras Station (Eurostar) St Pancras Station to Hillingdon (underground)

Ghent Here We Come 2017

A Four Franks Production narrated by Nick Kennedy